As a landlord, you want to ensure that all of your tenants feel safe and comfortable. They know that they have little or no control over who their fellow neighbors will be, whether they're living above, below, next to, or down the street from them. New tenants are moving in and out all the time. Dealing with having new neighbors on a consistent basis is to be expected among apartment-living individuals and families.

Tenant screening can help your loyal tenants feel safe when they know that their neighbors have been thoroughly screened. Your tenants will feel safer, more comfortable and more likely to pay on time when they don't feel stressed or in danger from other neighboring tenants.

See how tenant screening can help you, your apartment, and your tenants feel safer and more comfortable as you bring in new tenants.

Nationwide Records and Reports
At Tenant Background Search, you will be able to search for criminal records and eviction reports on a national level, rather than a state level. This provides you with even more information and a comprehensive search on a potential tenant's past.

No Invasive Inspections
With an online tenant screening, all of the background searches are done online or behind the scenes. There are no invasive inspections that would make a tenant feel uncomfortable. Other companies' searches may require a more invasive inspection which can result in turning away kind and loyal tenants.

Avoid Sex Offenders
Tenant screening will help you to identify any sex offenders in the area. Some existing tenants, including those with families, will feel uncomfortable if a sex offender moves in without proper notification. Knowing that all of your background searches will look for this will help your existing tenants feel a little more comfortable.

Discover Financial History
With tenant screening, you can look back into the past of a potential tenant's financial history. More advanced tenant screening can help you to look into even more information, such as any bankruptcies, foreclosures, employment summaries, and more. By using tenant screening, you can identify individuals who are more likely to pay and less likely to claim bankruptcy to avoid having to pay rent.

Advanced Criminal Searches
Tenant screening allows you to do advanced criminal searches to dig into the criminal past of an individual. From eviction histories to nationwide eviction reports (including judgments and non-judgments), you can make a calculated and well-informed decision on whether or not he or she is morally sound to live in your apartments with other tenants.

And More!
These are just a handful of the benefits of tenant screening that help your existing and future tenants feel safer and more comfortable living in your apartments.

Ready to get started with tenant screening? Stop by today and get started! Send us a message if you have any questions or need assistance. With tenant screening we will help you to make the best decisions when filling your apartments with tenants.