Whether you own a single rental property or you're the manager of a large apartment complex, hopefully you understand the importance of a thorough tenant screening. Throughout the tenant screening process, there are a few key qualities that you'll wan to pay close attention to. These qualities will give you insight as to whether you have found the right tenant for your property.

1. They don't put up resistance when you mention a detailed tenant screening.

While you might not always get the comprehensive tenant screening for each person that applies to rent from you, it's important that your tenant be willing to go beyond a basic credit check that many landlords use. If you find a potential renter to be argumentative about getting a detailed tenant screening that involves a background check, then a red flag should go up. You want tenants who are honest about their past and have nothing to hide, so that you can determine whether they're worth the risk.

2. They don't mind if the landlord or manager visits the property.

In most cases, landlords will announce that they are going to be coming by at certain times, but there are other instances when they aren't able to let the tenant know ahead of time. Owning property comes with a lot of responsibility and if there is a storm that causes falling trees or power outages, or if other routine maintenance is required, visiting the property may be required. If you are interviewing a potential tenant and they don't approve of the landlord coming over, then they might be hiding something. Ask them what their concerns are, and if you aren't confident in their answers, take a second look at their tenant screening report to see if it provides an explanation.

3. They have quality references.

Let's face it – it can be easy to get your best friend to write a great reference for a rental home or apartment, even if they know that you destroyed the carpet in your last residence because you hid a cat in the bedroom. A quality tenant can provide you with real information and solid references. Past landlords, roommates who are not friends but were simply living companions for the sake of smaller bills, and co-workers who have seen the living and working quarters of the person all may have good insight as to whether or not they care for their surroundings.

4. They read and understand the lease agreement.

It can be surprising that once the tenant screening is done, the paperwork is signed and the move in day is scheduled, your new tenant is shocked to find out that they aren't allowed to paint the walls in their new place bright orange. Or they find that they can't bring their 150 pound dog with them, when the lease agreement clearly states no pets over thirty pounds. A quality tenant will have read, listened to, and understood the agreement that was set forth in the beginning. If you want to be confident that they read it, have them do it front of you, and then ask if they have any questions once they are through.

A good tenant can make a landlord's life much easier, so be sure you get your tenant screening done, you pay attention to their references, and make sure they know the rules. Once you go through this process, you're more likely to be happy with your new renter.