In addition to tenant screening information, we also try to occasionally provide marketing tips for landlords. The following blog post is about how landlords can leverage social media:

It's become apparent to almost all business owners that social media is here to stay. And even more importantly than that, when using social media correctly in your marketing plan, you can see some pretty fantastic results. Here are five benefits that social media offers landlords, and a few tips on how to get started.

#1: More Exposure than Traditional Marketing

Sometimes the hardest part of getting new people to rent is getting the word out that you have space available. When you have a room, apartment, or other property available, write an engaging call to action and post the images of the space on your social media account. Many people will know one or two people who are looking for a place to live, and they'll share it on their page for everyone to see or send the link to their friend. This will provide you with brand exposure and is an incredibility easy way to get the word out.

#2: People Get To Know You

When you invest the time to make your social media outlets full of images and add your personality into the mix, the places that you rent will seem more appealing and you will come across as more approachable. Social media is a great way to create a casual and stress-free relationship with your current and future tenants. Take the time to post events you have by the pool or showcase your freshly landscaped lawns, and choose welcoming images of yourself and the staff to post.

#3: You Get People Involved

Don't just think that when you run a social media account for your rental property that all you can talk about is rental issues. If you offer studio apartments, post articles about how to make the most of your space. If you find that the majority of people living in your apartments are singles, have weekly recipes that cater to meals for one. The more you focus on the tenants that actually live in your place of business, the more people will get involved in liking and sharing what you put out there.

#4: You Reach a Larger Audience

It might surprise you to know that some people go to social media for almost all of their information, and you should take advantage of this. Not only will an active social media account give you an edge over your competition, but you'll reach an entirely new group of people that you haven't marketed to before.

#5: You Stay in Front of People

Even if you're at full capacity, it's a good idea to stay in front of an audience and keep your name on their minds. It's crucial that when you sign up for a social media account for your business that you're ready to invest the time in it. A stale social media account is almost worse than not having one at all. You want to show people that you're fresh and available, and you do that by sticking to a regular posting schedule and adjusting posts based on what your audience is most engaged in.

In addition to regular tenant screening, social media can be a great way to monetize and protect your investment.