Experienced landlords know that it is in their best interest to do a very thorough screening of prospective tenants. This process involved checking references, doing a background check, looking into places of work or previous addresses, credit checks, and more. But what if it's also the other way around and potential future tenants are also doing their research on you? If this is the case, you want to be the ones that stand out a league above everyone else. So what exactly might prospective tenants be looking for from those they are looking to rent from?

Professional Behavior

First and foremost, professionalism is an important quality to display. Tenants want businesspeople who take their roles as landlords seriously. How you present yourself and the first impression you make could be important to gaining tenants. Being a part of business associations also shows that you are serious about operating a business.


Next to professionalism, a great reputation is also key. It's sometimes through word of mouth that tenants may hear about rental properties opening up. If you have a reputation for being a business that is great to rent from, it's more likely tenants will come seeking you out. People will talk, and if they do, what will be said about you?


When it comes to finding a place to live, tenants want to know that the person they are dealing with is dependable. Will they do what they say they will do? Will they follow through? This plays a large part in whether or not they choose to live at one property or another. Phone calls should be answered or returned promptly. Be available when you say you will. If tenants know you are reliable, they will appreciate the gesture and know they can depend on you when needed.


It never looks good to a future tenant to appear disorganized. Organization when running any type of business is a crucial component to being successful. It gives tenants peace of mind when they see papers are ready to be signed right away and processes are documented properly. All renter forms such as background checks, lease agreements, emergency contacts, and more should be readily available and within reach, as needed.

Communication and Honesty

Being on the same page is only achieved through communication. A tenant appreciates honest communication. Be truthful about pointing out all aspects of the rental property. Communicate any upfront issues the renter may need to be aware of. Give them all the appropriate information so they can make an informed decision that suits their needs. Start out all tenant and landlord or business relationships on a positive and respectful note. A positive working relationship goes a long way in any type of business.

While you may not realize a tenant is also checking you out, it is still good to be prepared should it happen. Have all your bases covered and be prepared at all times. For more information about being prepared with tenant background searches, reach out to us today.