Good renters can be hard to come by. You never know who will walk through the door to inquire about available rentals. But in order to keep your properties in good shape, it is important to find the best renters possible. Follow these three tips to help you find reliable renters for your property.

Advertise Strategically

Knowing when and where to advertise is important to attracting the right kind of renters. When starting your search for a new tenant, be sure to think about where you post your ads and who your ads will reach. Instead of using certain websites that may not bring about quality renters, think about using other sites that provide rental information to a wide market of reliable renters. Initially, strategic advertising may require investing a little bit more to put your ads out on more reputable sites, but in the long run, it can pay off. Also, think about asking family, friends, or colleagues for referrals to places to put information that could bring about quality renters.

Complete Screening Documentation

Another good tip for finding better renters is to have potential tenants complete screening documentation that gives you much-needed background information. For example, be sure to complete a background check on any prospective renters, even if they are a friend of yours. A background check can let you know what type of person is requesting to rent from you. It can provide information about whether or not a potential tenant is responsible and trustworthy and can include information such as criminal history, rental history, past eviction history, and current employment. Screening all potential tenants is helpful in that you may be able to avoid a potentially detrimental situation. Another helpful tool for finding the right renters is a credit check. This lets you know if your potential renter is financially stable, reliable, and able to pay their rent each month. A background check and credit check are both great ways to make sure that you are finding renters that are right for your property.

Have a Thorough Application and Lease Agreement

Finally, the third tip for setting a precedent for what types of tenants live in your rentals would be to have a solid application process. This application process can include asking for pertinent information, such as referrals from previous landlords or pay stubs for proof of income. Additionally, a solid lease agreement can also help establish guidelines that will let your renter know exactly what is expected from them as a tenant. Lease agreements can include information such as when the rent is due, any penalties that may accrue for late rent, who to contact in case of maintenance or damage issues, policies for maintaining the property, and much more. For a landlord, a background check, credit check, solid application, and firm lease agreement can all work together to help you find a renter who is as reliable as possible.

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